Covid Guidance


Dear SAM members

As we emerge from the circuit breaker during COVID-19, we need to safely transition to the so-called new normal. Many work processes and the way we interact with our patients, our staff and the community will change.

Some of our members have met and come up with a consensus on a set of guidance for aesthetic clinics to reopen during COVID-19.

They act as guidance for clinics to adapt for their own unique setup, staffing and environment. They do not supersede any regulations mandated by MOH. They are subject to change as new information regarding COVID-19 is available.  Please keep up to date with information regarding COVID-19 from The World Health Organisation (WHO) and The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Singapore.

Dr David Loh
President, Society of Aesthetic Medicine
28 May 2020

The Society of Aesthetic Medicine
Guidance for Aesthetic Procedures during COVID-19


Schedule appointments apart for safe distancing

Ask patient not to bring a crowd. Preferably come alone


Temperature screening

Safe Entry check-in

Safe distancing in waiting area

Consent for Procedure as per usual

Consent for Covid risk (download sample)


Level of PPE (refer to table)

Limit number of staff in treatment room.

Sanitation and Environment

All staff should have at least a mask at all times

Wipe all surfaces which patients come into contact with.

Alternate rooms if possible

Consider air purifier


The Recommended PPE based on Groups 




Procedures where patients can remain masked throughout.

Eg. Botox forehead or Coolsculpting. Includes most body treatments.

Procedures where patients need to remove their mask even momentarily.

Like fillers of lower face, or HIFU face.

Aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs) around the oral cavity or nose, or plume producing procedures like certain lasers.

Recommended PPE:

Gloves, Cap, Eye Protection, Surgical Mask

Recommended PPE:

Gloves, Cap, Eye Protection, Surgical Mask, apron/gown

Recommended PPE:

Gloves, Cap, Eye Shield, N95 Mask, Full protective gown


Consent for Covid Risk (Download sample)