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Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Society of Aesthetic Medicine (Singapore) was formed in October 2005 by group of aesthetic doctors. One of the main aims of the Society is to facilitate the development of Aesthetic Medicine in Singapore and fellowship of Aesthetic doctors in Singapore and the region.

The Society has organised yearly conferences since 2007, as it strongly believes in promoting proper evidence-based education and research in Aesthetic Medicine. These meeting were called CAM (Conference of Aesthetic Medicine) but since 2009, they have been reduced to a one-day series of lectures and workshops. These meetings were referred to as The Annual Scientific Meetings.

Events and conferences

Conference of Aesthetic Medicine Singapore (CAM 2011)

The conference has been rescheduled until further notice. Sorry for the incovenienced caused.

Lectures and Workshops

The Society of Aesthetic Medicine regularly holds teaching sessions and workshops on various topics. For a full list of educational activities, please go to “EVENTS”

The Liposuction Peer Review Committee

The Liposuction Peer Review Committee began in 2005 as an informal group of general practitioners, general surgeons, gynecologists and pediatricians to provide peer on peer reviews and facilitate the exchange of information and techniques on liposuction procedures including safe anaesthesia. In early 2009, in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines, the group was formally incorporated as a committee under the Society of Aesthetic Medicine. There are 21 members in the committee and Dr David Loh is the current chairman.

The Committee meets at least 4 times a year to review liposuction cases, discuss new and interesting techniques and update on anaesthesia techniques. And where there are adverse incidents, the committee will meet with the sole purpose of learning from such incidents.