The Annual Scientific Meeting

The Society of Aesthetic Medicine holds yearly scientific meetings. The scientific meeting for 2011 will be a 3-day event called the Conference of Aesthetic Medicine 2011.

The yearly scientific meeting offers doctors practicing Aesthetic Medicine as valuable opportunity to meet to discuss:

  • their latest techniques,
  • their experiences with new equipment/technologies/products and
  • share on areas where there may be pitfalls or potential problems.

In 2010’s meeting titled “What’s New in Aesthetic Medicine” was the fourth in a series of annual scientific meetings organized by The Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SAM). Doctors from all specialties, disciplines and from all over the world presented at all the previous meetings. In 2010, we had the privilege of having among us, an ENT surgeon and a lawyer in private practice to present their respective areas of expertise in relation to aesthetic medicine.

The Annual Scientific Meetings are a forum for doctors and dentists who are already practicing or are thinking of practicing Aesthetic Medicine. We do not encourage medical students or nurses to attend this conference. Beauticians and other non-regulated health professionals are non-admitted. Doctors from the region (Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, etc) attend this conference. Industry players (medical device and drug companies) exhibit at the Conference.

Lectures and Workshops

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